Who We Are

In the Beginning

Originally we started with buying and renovating homes, which in turn, evolved into focusing on custom home renovations for homeowners. We have been involved in a variety of renovation projects, such as structural alterations, basement development, complete kitchen and bathroom renovations, hardwood to ceramic floor installations, interior door/wood trim upgrades, custom decks/patios, and window retrofit.

A Natural Evolution

Since our time working on renovations, the company has evolved to become a manufacturer of high-end concrete panels for both residential and commercial applications.

Our approach toward our concrete work and clients continues to be focused on quality, value, and craftsmanship centering on our clients’ needs and budget.


Chris Fenske

The Heart

Chris is the driving force behind Urban Concrete. A man of many roles, he’s not only the man in the back covered with concrete dust, he’s also the designer seated in the boardroom. Yes, still covered with concrete dust! Chris is passionate about the sustainable products we produce and the various applications where it can be utilized. Hands on, and full of creativity, Chris is constantly motivated to push a little harder, and create the best high quality product for our clients. Chris is a husband and father to three children, Easton, Olive, and Raine. Family is his life, but work is his playground.

Don Fenske

The Don

Don is a man of integrity and wisdom who takes an active hands on approach to the business, bringing over 25 years of customer-based business experience to Urban Concrete, and plays a key role in customer relations. Don is responsible for sales, as well as overseeing daily operations. Together with his wife Darlene, Don has 3 children, and 9 grandchildren. In addition to being a husband, dad, and grandpa, Don is an avid backpacker and enjoys facing the challenge of mountain hikes on foot or by bike!

Kimberly Fenske

The Mothership

Kimberly brings valuable organization and leadership skills to the Urban Concrete team. After garnering over 12 years of customer service experience working as an Agent for Travel Guardian Insurance, Kimberly made the jump to working in the family business. Her responsibilities include overseeing daily marketing operations and assisting with customer relations. Kimberly is Chris’s wife, and mother to their three beautiful children. Together they love to travel, and enjoy taking trips to the mountains to relax. Kimberly is also the owner of The Oak Tree Catering Co, is a passionate cook, and rocks her trendy glasses like no other!

Tim Coxford

The Shop Guy

Dustin Newberg

The Toy Fighter

Tovey Demman

Mrs. Sales

Alana Ursu Lang

Mrs. Big Time

Morgan Harrison

Design Eye

The Culture of Urban Concrete

A family business through and through, Urban Concrete truly cares about the work it does and the customers it serves. The team pours an unprecedented amount of passion into their work and projects, and strives to ensure that all Urban Concrete products whether it be panels or tiles, for a home or business, are manufactured and delivered on time, and to the highest quality.

The team culture fostered by the family business is what makes all the difference. It’s not just a job or a profession, it’s a part of everyday family life and the Fenske family takes great pride in the company they’ve lovingly built together.

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