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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the concrete be cut?

Yes the concrete can be cut with any masonry tools to fit your design.

Can the panels stain?

The panels are sealed but if anything is left on them for a long period of time there could be damage.

Can you miter them?

Yes, you can miter them to make your corners.

Can they be used on a floor?

Yes, Urban Concrete panels are able to be used on floors but please make sure to tell your dealer what you are using them for as they have to be made for floors and not walls.

Can you drill through them?

Yes, you can drill through them with any concrete drill bit.

Can they go in the shower?

Yes, they can go in the shower as they have a seal right from the factory.

Can the panels be used for tables?

Yes, they can be used for anything that you would like to use them for just like a sheet of plywood.

How heavy are the panels?

They are 3.5lb per sqft.

Can the panels be painted?

Yes, the panels can be painted to have a consistent colour.

Are the panels coloured right through?

Yes, they have an integral color right through that way any cuts do not show a different colour.

Can i put them over drywall?

Yes, but we recommend that they go over ½” plywood for interior walls.

Can the panels be used for fences?

Yes, they definitely can be used for fence designs.

General Contact Info.

For general inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.