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We offer a wide array of styles to transform your next project.


Delivers a clean, modern, smooth look finish to any surface.


Unique texture with natural voids & pinholes common in cast in place concrete, creating a varied look to each panel.


An industrial panel with imitation cone ties. This effect provides another dimension that simulates typical cast-in-place concrete.

Board Form

Cast from real wood to give the panels a realistic texture. Combines the smooth clean lines & finished look of board-formed concrete with ease & affordability.

Urban Concrete’s ultra-lightweight Standard panel was inspired by the architectural need to provide an alternative to “cast in place” methods.

The aesthetic, surface characteristics and weight savings are what make our GFRC panels ideal for a wide variety of applications. Our development of its GFRC panel has provided a leading alternative for concrete design elements that are non-structural.

Our panels feature both interior/exterior applications for commercial and residential purposes and are both paint and stainable — benefiting the client with low maintenance, customizability, and easy installation of design-forward panels.

Urban Concrete’s commitment to timeless architecture and passive builds are supported with its 25-year limited warranty.

Custom? We can do that.

Got an idea that is completely unique? We can help. Customized veneers can be tailored to many sizes, shapes, textures, and colours to meet your specifications. Contact us and we can work with you to get you what you need for your custom job.

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